Created & Performed by Marta Mozelle
Directed by Hannah Simms

There's a clown that has been peeking through my puppetry work since 2007, and this is her first full-length piece. One night in the dark cold depths of Janauary 2015, I asked her to make a video to introduce herself, but she kicked me in the shin and went back to hiding in my disused bike helmet.

Then I woke up the next morning with this recipe rolled up (in a cardboard paper towel tube, for crush-prevention), tied to my big toe by a string, with some duct tape on the knots (just in case the knots came undone). 


Click to read the whole recipe!


Its seemed like a good idea to me, so Hannah and I've been doing our best to follow her instructions. Through the support and mentorship of the New Victory LabWorks Program, and the workshop opportunities awarded by the Ko Festival of Performance and the Celebration Barn Theater we are crafting a show that will give families the opportunity to laugh together about feeling bad. 

The show will premiere and begin touring in summer of 2017.  In the meantime, we'll continue to generate material and "find places to try it out on friendly people". If you are friendly, and would like a clown presentation at your camp, school, church, or living room, please get in touch!


This work has been developed with the generous support of...


LabWorks Program  
Associate Artist Production 2015

Celebration Barn Theater
Show Incubation Residency 2016


Rehearsal Residency 2015